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How are the Murayah™ tiles made?
Our artisans create the tiles using our proprietary technology for hand-printing images on stone. We bring original art to life on a different medium, suitable for everyday living. The Murayah™ collection maintains the integrity of the original painting, while adding the dimension and beauty of natural stone. Each marble tile is quarried in Italy and tumbled to reveal its own natural veins and unique character.

Where can your tiles be installed?
Our tiles are a natural complement for a kitchen backsplash, bathroom, foyer, powder room, wine cellar, bar, restaurant, hotel lobby or any other interior space. Our diversified art collection is suitable for any type of interior décor, whether Tuscan, Victorian, traditional, French Country, Mediterranean, Spanish or contemporary.

Are your murals and tiles considered valuable art?
Yes, they are. Although our artisans were not engaged in painting the original art, they add to it another dimension of depth and longevity by creating it on natural stone.
The result is an original masterpiece and authentic representation of the world’s best artists.
All our tiles are individually crafted; no two tiles are the same.

Will the watermarks show on the actual tiles?
No, the actual tiles are watermark free. All our on-line images carry visible, as well as invisible watermarks, for the purpose of protecting creator’s rights. Any attempt to download or copy art images or content from our web site will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

How durable are the tiles?
In addition to the esthetic value, our tiles are very durable and can withstand the conditions of everyday living. Our state-of-the-art sealer was developed and customized to our application by a group of engineers. The tiles arrive pre-sealed and are maintenance free. The Murayah™ murals and tiles can be installed on walls in any type of interior application.

Can the tiles be installed outside?
We highly recommend installing the tiles in interior environment only. Like most paintings, they will last longer if kept away from direct sun and ultra violet exposure.

Are the murals easy to install?
The Murayah™ mural and tile collection are a perfect Do-It-Yourself project or can be installed by your local tile setter. Mural tiles are numbered and can be installed in a matter of hours (see our installation instructions).

What is your delivery time?
Our delivery time, depending on order, is 4-8 weeks. To ensure proper delivery, please place your order as far in advance as possible. A 15% rush charge will apply to orders requested before our standard delivery time.

Do tiles need to be grouted?
It is not mandatory to grout tiles, unless in a shower application. However, applying grout will contribute to the uniformity of the surface, especially when using field tiles in your installation.

Can you custom size a mural?
Mural sizes in our price list are based on the proportions of the original painting. However, there are additional sizes that can be created.
Please contact our art department with your request.

What tile size shall I choose?
Our murals and accent tiles are offered in 4” x 4”, 6” x 6” & 8” x 8” tumbled Botticino marble tiles (chipped, rounded edges) and 6” x 6” honed tiles (straight edges). 6” x 6” tiles are most popular for applications around the home. 8” x 8” tiles are typically used for larger size murals or commercial applications.

Do you supply field tiles that match murals or Accent tiles?
Yes, we do. If you wish to surround the mural or accent tiles with matching field tiles, or simply use them in your project, we offer Antique tumbled & honed Botticino marble tiles.
Our tumbled marble field tiles are offered in 4”x 4”, 6”x 6” & 8”x 8”.
Our honed, straight edge marble field tiled are offered in 6” x 6” only.

Do I have to purchase the moldings with the murals?
It is not mandatory to purchase the moldings, however they contribute significantly to the look of the murals and bring out their artistic value. Simply put, a mural without a molding is like a picture without a frame. The Durango Rail travertine molding offered in our collection is tumbled and antiqued to complement our murals.

Are tile colors identical to the pictures presented in your catalogue and web site?
We have tried to present the color and character of the tiles as accurately as possible. However, due to the nature of photography and different computer or printing devices, there may be some variation in color and texture between the actual tiles and what appears in our catalogue or web site.

How are the tiles shipped?
The Murayah™ murals and tiles are shipped unassembled, along with installation instructions. All tiles are carefully packed in corrugated boxes. We ship worldwide
via UPS, FedEx or your favorite carrier.

Where do you get your art?
We work with museums, private collectors and art institutions around the world.
Our art department is constantly searching for new art that can complement
any type of interior décor.

Can I provide my own art?
Our research department provides a free of charge, worldwide search for art images.
However, if you wish to provide your own art, we accept transparencies or high-resolution digital files. Please clear copyright and production rights prior to sending the art.


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