Murals have always captioned the mind, heart and soul of Murayah founder, Gadi Friedman. His love and appreciation for fine art murals was piqued after taking an art class at the University of California in Los Angeles in the 1990s.

Gadi's love of fine art and murals lead him on a quest to find a way to make these stunning expressions attainable for anyone with a passion and love for art. He no longer wanted to only long for these artistic masterpieces, he wanted to display their beauty in people's homes.

Fine art murals traditionally hand painted on walls lacked authenticity to the original masterpiece and generally would not stand the test of time. Gadi Friedman made it a personal journey to find a way to capture the beauty of murals while making them durable enough to withstand everyday living conditions. After a year, his quest resulted in an amazing process for creating murals on marble tiles.

Gadi Friedman discovered the innate beauty of tumbled Italian marble. Their natural veins could only enhance the beauty of the artwork of the finest masters of the art world. Gadi developed a process for recreating the world's finest pieces of artwork on Italian marble tiles. The result is durable, beautiful murals that inspire all who see them.

The quest for Gadi, however, did not end there. For Murayah to be born he knew that he and his team needed to scour the globe to find the perfect images for the beautiful murals he wanted to create. He knew that he needed to build a collection that appealed to different tastes and decor styles.

After reviewing thousands of the finest art pieces from more than seventy museums, art institutions and private collections around the world, a three-year labor of love, Murayah is proud to offer the world's finest collection of murals on marble tiles.

The murals offered by Murayah are durable enough for everyday living conditions, yet beautiful enough to not only capture the viewers' eyes, but their soul. Like all fine art, these incredible murals will speak to each person differently and capture their imagination.

Imagine transcending your home into a place of beauty, a place that inspires passion and love. A dull wall now becomes a focal point with the addition of the incredible murals offered by Murayah. Placed in the right location, your home now has a focal point which embodies style, class and sophistication – speaking to each person who views it differently yet capturing their minds and hearts

For many, murals seemed like an impossible addition to their home – they were cost prohibitive and too fragile. The ingenious creations by Murayah now make these pieces of art affordable, attainable and durable enough for every home or place of business.

Art speaks to the soul, captures the mind and the heart of the viewer. The images we can capture via the Internet only tell part of the story, which is why Murayah prides itself on offering a personal touch. Communicating directly with the Murayah team of experts will help you transform your home into an artistic statement with one of Murayah's amazing murals.

Murals from Murayah can spark life in a kitchen, add serenity and beauty to a bathroom and a touch of character in a wine cellar or above a fireplace. These incredible murals can truly transform any place from the ordinary to the extraordinary as they breathe new life into your home.

For business owners seeking to add style and sophistication to their restaurants, bars, hotels or other places of business, the fine artistic murals from Murayah can do just that. Their durability make them practical, and their beauty makes them priceless. You can transform any space into an artistic statement with these incredible murals.

Murals are no longer out of reach, impractical or fragile. One person's vision became a journey, which has resulted in the ability of every homeowner to transform their home by installing a stunning mural. These murals are affordable, practical and durable – but above all else these are stunning, inspiring and beautiful murals that add style and sophistication to every home that they grace.

Contacting Murayah to help transform your home, is the first step on a journey that will showcase your impeccable taste in your home. Your journey will be complete when a stunning mural from Murayah graces your home and brings enjoyment to you, your family and friends.


Finest hand crafted wall murals on Italian marble tiles to decorate your home or business

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