A wall mural is one of the few additions to a home that can completely transform either the room where it is installed or perhaps even the entire home. A beautiful fine art wall mural adds style and sophistication to any home or business.

A wall mural used to be painted directly on the wall and the result was a piece of art that rarely could match the beauty and quality of the original piece of art. Thes e same wall murals were also unable to withstand everyday living conditions , which made them impractical for most homes.

Gadi Friedman, founder of Murayah, has always had a passion for art and wanted to find a way to bring the world's finest masterpieces into people homes. Gadi sought to create a fine art wall mural that would withstand everyday living conditions , while also adding style and beauty to any home they grace.

The first step on this journey to create a stunning and practical wall mural w as to develope a process for recreating wonderful art pieces onto a durable surface. Gadi began to determine what type of tile would be right for the incredible wall murals he wanted to create. His eye for beauty lead him to creating a process that would utilize tumb led Italian marble tiles .

The natural veins in this beautiful Italian tile add to the overall beauty of t he wall mural. The process Gadi Friedman developed creates stunning pieces of art onto these beautiful tiles - the result is a practical, stunning wall mural that can withstand everyday living conditions while at the same time making a dramatic artistic statement.

After developing the process to create a durable wall mural, Gadi and his team at Murayah set out to find the perfect pieces of art to create stunning murals. Thousands of art pieces from collections around the world were reviewed and considered for the Murayah mural collection. The result is a diversified mural collection, which can complement any style of interior décor whether Mediterranean, Tuscan, Traditional, Victorian, French Country or contemporary .

A wall mural can breathe life into any kitchen as it sparks the imagination and passion of anyone who sees it. The right wall mural can add style and sophistication to a wine cellar or above a fireplace and add just the right artistic touch to a bathroom or bedroom. The right wall mural will transform any room, home or business into an artistic statement .

A fine art wall mural captures first the persons' eyes, followed by their imagination - then their heart and soul. There is nothing you can put in your home that can have this impact quite like a wall mural. Adding a wall mural to your home will mean generations of enjoyment from these glorious pieces of artwork.

Every fine art wall mural that Murayah offer s to its valued clients must meet Murayah's very high standards. Not only must the wall mural be durable and well crafted , but it must also be beautiful and capture the true essence and soul of the original piece of work. Murayah would simply not sell a wall mural that its artisans would not be proud to have in their own homes - those high standards result in your absolute satisfaction.

A website will never be able to truly capture the real beauty and impression of a fine art wall mural. Communicating with Murayah staff can help you begin your journey to finding the right wall mural for you and your home. Murayah's friendly customer service will help you every step of the way in selecting the right wall mural that will best suit your interior décor and personal style.

A wall mural whether being added to a home or business, will instantly become a focal point and transform its environment. There are very few things that can add such style and sophistication as a wall mural can. For years a wall mural was neither practical nor affordable for most consumers - and now, a wall mural can accomplish that and more importantly it will stay beautiful for many years to come.

Murayah is truly proud to have a beautiful collection of fine art wall murals that can complement any home or place of business. There will undoubtedly be a wall mural that captures your imagination - your passion - your soul. Contact Murayah to discuss adding a wonderful fine art wall mural to your home or business and see just how they can improve your everyday living.


Finest hand crafted wall murals on Italian marble tiles to decorate your home or business

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